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Your Inner Changes

Unlock your potential by transforming your limiting beliefs with Hypnotherapy & Belief Coding®

Breaking free from negative thought patterns


Unlock your potential by transforming limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

This unique approach to personal development empowers you to identify outdated belief systems holding you back.


By understanding their impact,

you gain the tools to reshape them so they work for you, not against you.

Beliefs, often formed in childhood, shape our identity and reactions to the world. While some ignite our drive, others act as invisible chains, hindering us from achieving our desires. By addressing the root of discomfort and releasing the charge of past trauma, it clears negative patterns and empowers you to embrace new, positive beliefs. This shift sets the stage for a fulfilling and thriving life.

Ready to transform your life and finally take control?

Tired of good intentions leading to disappointment? You're not alone. Often, deep-rooted beliefs hold us back, sabotaging our efforts to change. But there's good news: you can uncover your true potential and achieve lasting transformation.


If some of the following comments resonate with you, then there is good news. I can help you discover and achieve what you desire by releasing all those negative beliefs that hold you back.

  • I’d love to be able to do that.

  • It’s not for the likes of me.

  • When will I get the chance to do that?

  • I’m not good enough.

  • I don't have time, I always seem to be propping up other people in my life.

You get the drift.  Messages you have been giving yourself on a daily basis. Now it’s time to STOP and flip those thoughts on their head and START choosing your life.

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Image by Danka & Peter

About me.

Ruth Loughton | DIP.cert.PHH.MAPA

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator

In addition to my qualifications, I bring a wealth of life experience to the table—filled with highs and lows, losses, and pains, much like many of us have experienced. I believe that my diverse background and the lessons I've gleaned from various paths can be valuable assets in assisting you. 

With over 35 years of experience in various health modalities, I have been helping people like you.

Trained as an Advanced Hypnotherapist / Coach, and Belief Coding® Facilitator, I go beyond surface-level solutions to address the root of the problem: those limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching your full potential. 

We will work online, in the comfort of your own space, with no lengthy travelling or breaking the effect of the session with any stressful journeys getting home.
Look at the packages or 1:1 session details on offer and let’s get together to make it happen for you.

But don't just take my word for it. The testimonials below are from clients who have experienced life-changing results through my programs. Discover areas of your life where you are truly extraordinary, and unlock the powerful authority within you.

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I had a belief Code session with Ruth a few weeks ago.
I was amazed at how my emotions flowed with Ruth holding the space.
She was very warm & patient with me.
Which really resonated & helped me feel connected during the session.
A real bonus was taking away techniques I can use daily or as I need them,
Which I feel is really helping to keep the positivity of the Belief Code session going.
It's helping me!!
I highly recommend Ruth with your emotional well being


Ruth’s presence and approach is incredibly supportive and calming: you just know you are in good hands. There is an openness to go to the depths of yourself in her sessions and genuine warmth and kindness too. I would not hesitate to book time again with such a gifted practitioner.


Since doing belief coding with Ruth, I've experienced a profound shift in my mindset and confidence in my work and myself. I feel confident, capable, motivated, and present. One of the most surprising aspects of this experience was how quickly I noticed a change in my sense of self-assurance and my ability to navigate stressful situations with newfound ease whilst remaining present. 

Ruth's guidance was invaluable as she helped me identify and replace my limiting beliefs with empowering ones. What set Ruth apart was her dedication to ensuring these beliefs

were not only in my own words but also authentically aligned with who I am and what I wanted. Ruth's calm demeanour and unwavering support created a brave space for exploration throughout the entire process. I always felt completely held and supported. 

I cannot express enough gratitude for this process and the sense of empowerment it has brought into my life!! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to connect to their full potential and live a more fulfilling life.


I came across Ruth via the BC Facebook group, and had my first ever BC session with her addressing my recently developed fear of travelling. Ruth was very reassuring, even though I'm not big on zoom calls, I never once felt uneasy. Our session went well, and yes I cried. We unravelled some trauma that I would have never thought related to the issue. I'm yet to travel again, but I do feel much more confident in social situations now. So much so I hope to return for further sessions. I can't recommend Ruth highly enough for those contemplating trying Belief Coding.

Taking the first step can be daunting.
So let’s start with something purposeful.

The initial step may feel intimidating, but if you're willing to trust and consider working together, I'm here to help. I offer a complimentary 20-minute call where we can discuss your goals and address any enquiries you may have.
Let's delve into how you can overcome limiting beliefs and embark on the journey to the fulfilling life you genuinely deserve. 

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The Steps.

Belief Coding® by Ruth Loughton at Your Inner Changes

Belief Coding® is a researched and science-backed modality which It works with your subconscious beliefs. By working with your subconscious programmes you can create entirely new belief systems allowing you to live a more fulfilled and present life. 

It goes to the root of what your subconscious perceives as trauma and clears the emotions around it, creating a better, more positive reality with the beliefs that get coded in. 

Using elements of Hypnosis, NLP, EFT and Kinesiology amongst modalities, the method has the ability to process and release anything that is getting in the way of you living a successful and fulfilling life. 

Whether it is anxiety, fear of failure, relationships, an eating disorder or a lack of money coming into your life – these are all circumstances that we manifest for ourselves due to our beliefs. 

What makes Belief Coding® so incredible is that you and your clients don’t need to sit through therapy session after therapy session and wait years for results. A breakthrough could happen in just one or two sessions and uncover the root of the trauma. 

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